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How to enable the Cart Discount tool

Enabling the New Cart Discount Tool

1. Log in to your Control Panel

2. Navigate to Site Settings/Order Total Modules

3. Click EDIT in the Cart Discount row

4. Click Install

5. Click Edit

        Click TRUE to activate

           Sort Order shows a number by default, you may leave this alone

            Click True or False to allow shipping cost to be included in the discount

            Click True or False to include tax in the calculation

            Click True or False to re-calculate tax on discounted amount

6. Create the Discount Levels

        This is the DEFAULT table: 1000:5,1500:7.5,2000:10,3000:12.5,5000:15

        You may create your own table. Simply follow the format as shown in the example.

        Note: You may create any amount of levels you wish. For example, let's say that you only wanted to offer one discount, "Receive a 10% on orders above $99" You would enter 99:10

        If you had 2 levels, "Receive a 10% on orders above $99" or "15% on orders above $300"

        You would enter 99:10,300:15

7. Click Update when finished *** VERY IMPORTANT, if you do not UPDATE, your entries will not take affect***

8. To deactivate the special offer, simply click on FALSE and UPDATE

9. You may now add text and graphics to your Home Page promoting this special discount event!